We take pride in how we care for the horses in racing. Just like any other athlete, racehorses are provided with a high level of day-to-day care.

See below for what this involves.

24/7 Care

Horses need to be cared for 7 days a week all year round. There are no days off – even during the holiday period.

High Quality Feed & Nutrition

Horses are provided with high quality feed. As athletes, they need to be provided with a healthy, well balanced diet. Food can impact horses differently, which means their feeds may differ to others based on their individual needs.

Clean Housing

The manure in all yards/stables is cleaned out daily, mostly twice a day (if not more), to ensure a clean environment is maintained for the horses.

Daily Exercise

Generally, horses will have their own tailored training regime to suit their fitness level and requirements. For some this may include swimming or even a trip to the beach. Once they finish their exercise they are hosed down and checked over for any signs of soreness. Many trainers also monitor their heart rate and temperatures.

General Wellbeing

Often trainers will organise for a chiropractor or masseuse to check over the horse to massage any pressure points. Horses also receive a visit from the dentist approximately every 6-12 months, and their hooves are done every 4-6 weeks by the farrier.