Horses are the stars of the sport and they deserve a rewarding retirement.

Retired racehorses are versatile and highly intelligent animals, able to impressively adapt to retraining and alternate lifestyles.

Off the Track WA is our main program to support horses after they leave the care of the racing community. We have a range of initiatives to help racehorses make the transition to life as companion, leisure or competition horses.

Responsible Rehoming

The Rules of Racing in WA require owners and trainers to make a demonstrated effort to responsibly rehome horses. There is strict criteria for what constitutes a demonstrated effort and among them is the requirement for owners and trainers to undertake at least two of the following options:

  • Advertising the horse in no less than two recognised media platforms for at least six weeks.
  • Applying to re-home the horse through a credible animal adoption or re-homing agency.
  • Consigning the horse to a public auction.
  • Consigning the horse to an industry auction.
Off the Track WA Estate

The Off the Track WA Estate is a multipurpose racehorse welfare facility, which helps facilitate the retraining and rehoming of racehorses through the Off the Track WA Retraining Program. It is also available for any emergency welfare cases should they arise and has capacity for up to 40 horses at any time.

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Off the Track WA Retraining Program

The Off the Track WA Retraining Program encompasses the Off the Track WA Estate and a network of retrainers with the expert knowledge to give retired racehorses the skills and experiences needed to transition from racing to second careers as pleasure or performance horses. Horses accepted into the program are assessed on arrival at the estate before being allocated to a retrainer, where they begin re-education ready for sale. The program is designed to complement already established pathways for rehoming retired racehorses, with priority given to horses which may be more challenging to rehome, such as those located in remote areas.

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Off the Track WA Passport

An Off the Track WA Passport is available for all retired thoroughbreds and standardbreds to help us understand their lives and locations after racing. It also provides an opportunity to provide ongoing advice and support for those who take on retired racehorses, including access to educational clinics and materials.

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Off the Track WA Sponsorship & Events

Off the Track WA hosts a number of educational clinics across the state, including both regional and metropolitan locations, to assist retired racehorses and their new owners. Off the Track WA also provides sponsorship for events to encourage the attendance of thoroughbreds and standardbreds.

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Off the Track WA Website

The Off the Track WA website is a one-stop shop for all things relating to retired racehorses. The website has a free buy and sell platform to advertise retired racehorses, as well as information about upcoming events, sponsorship opportunities, educational material and more.

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Supporting Others

Through the Off the Track WA program, the racing sector is proud to support community and not-for-profit organisations which value retired racehorses as essential members of their programs. 

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