As dog people, greyhounds mean everything to us. They are the stars of the sport and it’s important for them to have a rewarding retirement after their racing careers.

We have initiatives and programs in place to help ensure a successful transition from athlete to pet for greyhounds.

Our Greyhounds as Pets program promotes, encourages and facilitates greyhound pet ownership to the wider community in Western Australia.

Responsible Rehoming

Like every athlete, racing animals deserve a rewarding retirement. In WA, the Rules of Racing prevent any greyhound from being euthanised due to it being unsuitable for racing. Unless there is a medical or behavioural reason determined by a veterinarian or qualified animal behaviourist, all greyhounds bred for racing are rehomed. All statistics about the number of greyhounds entering the industry or retiring from it are openly reported in Racing and Wagering Western Australia’s Annual Report.

Our Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) program is responsible for rehoming more than 50 per cent of retiring greyhounds in Western Australia. There are various pathways for greyhounds to be rehomed, including third party rehoming groups, the trainer or owner keeping the greyhound as a pet or to breed, or some trainers prefer to find homes for greyhounds themselves.

Greyhounds as Pets

GAP is funded by the racing sector and matches retired greyhounds with their forever homes. GAP has dedicated animal behaviourists who use their expertise in canine behaviour assessment and modification to assist greyhounds adjust from life as an athlete to life as a pet. A tailored plan is created to suit the individual needs of each greyhound. The behaviour assessment is used to gather information about a greyhound’s needs and requirements in line modern rehoming practices – there is no concept of pass or fail in the process.

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Working Together

The racing sector works with other greyhound rehoming groups to maximise rehoming and foster care opportunities for retired greyhounds.

The last registered owner or person responsible at the time of a greyhound’s retirement must ensure that the greyhound has been surgically sterilised and undergone a dental treatment, consisting of at least a complete dental scale and polish, by a veterinarian before the greyhound is rehomed.

This initiative aims to lift the burden for adoption agencies, foster carers and adoptees to undertake sterilisation as well as ensure all retired greyhounds receive a stage two basic dental scale and polish.

Animal Care and Welfare Course

Greyhounds as Pets WA (GAP) has partnered with Applied Vocational Training (AVT) to facilitate a short-term intensive course in animal care and welfare. The nationally recognised course, ACM20117 Certificate II in Animal Studies Intensive (Animal Care and Welfare), is provided by AVT who provide training for students seeking a career in animal care. As part of the course, students undertake one day per week at the GAP kennels and at another leading Perth animal welfare and rehoming organisation, the Cat Haven, undertaking practical training.

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