Greyhounds race to the lead in Cheryl’s life


Greyhounds were slow to appear in Cheryl Isaac’s life but they have raced to the front and are staying firmly in the lead.

Her recent work as loyal media manager and personal assistant to her two dogs Sammy and Boss, who are favourite ambassadors for Greyhounds as Pets (GAP), clearly show her world revolves around greyhounds but that has not always been the case.

“I grew up with dogs, cats, guinea pigs, goats, rabbits, chooks, cows and horses. It was a bit like our own Noah’s ark,” Cheryl said.

“I admit my first canine loves were Afghan hounds. Mum and I became involved showing them along with Borzois and a couple of smaller dog breeds during my young years.

“In the Nineties I met my first greyhound and now cannot imagine sharing my home with another breed of dog.”

Since then, Cheryl has fostered and adopted many greyhounds, with a several ‘foster fails’ when a visitor stayed to become part of the family.

“Mini was my first greyhound, he was a beautiful white and brindle boy,” she said.

“A few years later my husband and I settled down in our own home and we adopted Isaac. We affectionately called him Our Big Dog and he taught us the greyhound way.

“We began fostering greyhounds and Our Big Dog seemed to enjoy the canine company. We have foster failed numerous times over the years and had amazing greyhounds brighten our life.”

As time moved on, they joined GAP events such as visits to the Perth Royal Show, pet expos, community fairs and media opportunities to let people see greyhounds enjoying life as pets.

“Sammy and Boss are the stars of the show at the moment, they seem to thrive in the limelight and enjoy all the attention,” Cheryl said.

Pictured: Cheryl and Scott with some of their adopted and fostered greyhounds.

“Sammy is so beautiful everyone wants to take her home and Boss is Mr Personality, his tail never stops, he is a real people dog.

“We often feel like we are their personal assistants or media managers, getting them bathed and looking their best, gathering beds, outfits, treats, anything else a supermodel dog might demand on set and then making sure they are comfortable and enjoy their fill of attention.”

In 2022, Cheryl was the driving force behind the creation of Zoomie Land, a space for retired greyhounds to run off lead.

“I love the space they created and so do our dogs. It’s great to be able to tell new owners about Zoomie Land see their dogs enjoying the space,” she said.