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The early stages of a greyhound’s if is extremely important for their development.

Greyhounds cannot race until they have reached the age of 16 months, as this period is called the imprinting, or critical learning period. Puppies can learn more during the first year of their life than they can learn in a life time and therefore, optimal care is required during this period.

All WA racing greyhound pups must be born, reared and registered under the control of a person who has a RWWA Breeders Licence.


WA greyhound racing is an exciting industry to be a part of and it epitomises the unbreakable bond and peak working relationship that exists between human and animal.


Greyhounds have outstanding versatility in terms of their incredible athletic ability, but at the same time possess a calm, laidback and loving nature, which makes them both an ideal athlete and pet.