Take a look behind the scenes with trainers and other insiders across the greyhound, thoroughbred and harness codes.

Racing has a special place in the lives of these people and animal welfare is the most important aspect for all.

Kennelhand Jodee Jennings

Meet kennelhand Jodee Jennings and her favourite greyhound, Winnie.

Racing WA: We Are Animal People

Meet racehorse trainer Stephen Reed, apprentice jockey Holly Watson and kennelhand Jodee Jennings.

Racehorse trainer Stephen Reed

“I got involved in racing through my parents and I’ve been around horses my whole life. They’re part of the family.”

Stephen Reed lives a double life as a mechanical engineer and racehorse trainer. One guess which job is better paid.

Apprentice jockey Holly Watson

“The bond you create with an animal is an amazing feeling,”

Getting up at 3am to go to work is easier for apprentice jockey Holly Watson, knowing her favourite horse is waiting to see her.

Summer Dickson's road to The Pinnacles

“They’re more than racehorses to me. They’re my life and soul and as long as they are happy, I’m happy.”

Summer Dickson hopes to pass a big test at The Pinnacles with her classy mare, Karli’s Karma, but it’s nothing on the challenges she has confronted in the past.

Greyhound Adoption Month 2022

Hear Greyhound Adoption Month ambassador Dr Garnett Hall discuss the welfare of canine athletes and our commitment to responsibly rehoming them.

Greyhound Trainers – The Withers Family

Local star Tommy Shelby has attracted an extraordinary following across the world. The Withers family’s dedication and generosity has played a huge part in his success.

Watch a day in the life of a greyhound training family.

Harness Trainer – Jemma Hayman

Harness trainer, breeder, owner and trackwork driver as well as veterinary surgeon, Jemma Hayman always dreamed of a life with horses.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at life as a harness trainer.

Thoroughbred Trainers – The Taylor Family

Racing has a special place in the Taylor family’s history. For Lochie, the career choice was simple and he is proud to continue the tradition started by his grandparents.

Have a peek behind the scenes at life in thoroughbred racing.

Zoomie Land for greyhounds

A play area for retired greyhounds to run off lead has been created at Cannington by Greyhounds WA

See the 9 News story on Zoomie Land, where retired greyhounds have space to run freely and their new families can socialise.

Thirty seconds with the Taylor family

A short teaser and behind the scenes look at life as a thoroughbred trainer.

Thirty seconds with the Withers Family

A short teaser and behind the scenes look at life as a greyhound trainer.

Thirty seconds with Jemma Hayman

A short teaser and behind the scenes look at life as a standardbred trainer.