Confetti adds a sprinkle of happiness to Pete and Carly’s family

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When Pete and Carly met greyhound Confetti they knew she was the extra burst of colour and fun they wanted in their home.

The couple were looking for a dog to complete their family and Carly said Pete’s WA Police Union membership led them to the perfect pet.

“In the past, we have had whippets and a Jack Russell cross but we never really considered a greyhound,” Carly said.

“I saw greyhounds popping up online, which intrigued us, and when the Greyhounds as Pets and West Australian Police Union partnership was announced, it was like a sign.”

Born in 2020, Zulu Confetti began training for the race track, but quickly decided life in the fast lane wasn’t for her.

She was taken in by Greyhounds as Pets and became the first dog to find a home as part of the new partnership which gives WA Police Union members priority adoption as an initiative to support the wellbeing of officers.

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Confetti loves to lounge with her favourite toys.

“We met Confetti at GAP and didn’t need to meet anyone else before deciding to foster her. Three days into the four-week foster period, we knew she was staying for good,” Carly said.

“Initially, I was surprised by the size of greyhounds but it doesn’t matter because they are so gentle and calm. When Confetti arrived home for the first time, she was so relaxed.”

Confetti’s name may suggest an excitable character but Carly and Pete soon discovered the young greyhound preferred the simple life.

“She can be silly sometimes and plays with the kids but mostly loves to laze about on her bed, watching the world go by. Even with house renovations going on around her, Confetti is happy,” said Carly.

“Greyhounds really are just gentle giants and Confetti is by far the easiest dog we’ve ever owned.

“She is also the perfect dog for shift workers like Pete, and the pair have formed a special bond.”

Pete agreed, saying he enjoyed knowing time didn’t matter to his new companion.

“Sometimes I will be home alone after work or up in the middle of the night, but with Confetti around, I’m never alone anymore,” said Pete.

“She’s always there keeping me company, no matter the hour.”

Confetti and a fur friend enjoying the view. 

WA Police Union President Paul Gale emphasised the importance of the partnership in helping officers switch off after work.

“While policing remains integral to the WA community, ensuring optimal and secure performance requires affording our members the chance to disengage after their shifts, enabling them to readily face the next day’s challenges,” Paul said.

“The faithfulness and camaraderie provided by a canine companion foster solace and aid in mitigating stress, a particularly crucial aspect given the arduous demands of their profession.

“The union takes pride in endorsing the initiative of facilitating the adoption of retired racing greyhounds, underscoring our commitment to enhancing the quality of life for our members.”

From the front line to the lounge room, Pete and Carly are embracing the serenity that Confetti brings to their lives.


Main picture: Confetti (red collar) with her family and fur friend.