We take pride in how we care for the greyhounds in racing. Greyhounds are provided with a high level of daily care to keep them in good shape and feeling their best.

See below for what this involves.

24/7 Care

Like any animal, greyhounds need to be cared for seven days a week, all year round. There are no days off – even during the holiday period.

High Quality Feed and Nutrition

Greyhounds are provided with high quality feed. They need a healthy, well-balanced diet. Dietary needs may differ between greyhounds, therefore meals are tailored to their individual needs.

Daily Exercise

Generally, greyhounds will have their own tailored training regime to suit their fitness level and requirements. Once they finish their exercise they are checked over for any signs of soreness. Many trainers also monitor their heart rate and temperatures.

Clean Kennels

Kennels are cleaned each day to ensure a comfortable living space for greyhounds.

General Wellbeing

Many trainers provide their greyhounds with therapeutic treatments such as massages or massage mats. Greyhounds also often enjoy foot and hydrobaths. Those that live close to the ocean, sometimes take a trip down to the beach for a walk through the water.


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Life Outside of Racing

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We have rules and policies in place to ensure our industry is filled with only those who share in our commitment to welfare.

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