Greyhound Muzzling Legislation Changes


Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) supports the State Government’s proposal to amend the Dog Act 1976, to remove the requirement for the compulsory muzzling of greyhounds who have retired from racing.

Currently, retired racing greyhounds are only allowed to be muzzle free in public after passing a prescribed training program. RWWA’s Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) program is the only rehoming group in Western Australia, which is able to grant muzzle free status under the Dog Regulations 2013.

RWWA supports the proposed changes, however states that standards of responsible rehoming need to be maintained.

“GAP will continue to responsibly rehome greyhounds and have appropriate behaviour management policies and practices in place,” said RWWA Animal Welfare Manager Dr Anna Smet.

“It is also important to remember that all greyhounds must still remain on a leash in public, including dog exercise areas.”

These revised provisions only apply to greyhounds that have been notified as retired to RWWA, as required by the RWWA Rules of Greyhound Racing. Greyhounds that have not been retired from racing are still required under the rules to have a securely fixed muzzle when racing or in a public place.

RWWA continues to look for ways to improve the welfare of its greyhounds and is committed to ensuring the best outcomes for the rehoming of retired greyhounds and upholding the reputation of the breed.