Greyhounds as Pets WA foster and adoption evening


Interested in fostering or adopting a dog? Come along to Greyhounds as Pets WA’s (GAP) summer open evening to learn about the fostering and adoption process and find out if a greyhound is suitable for your family.

Greyhounds are known to be gentle, sweet-natured dogs and their loving nature makes them a perfect pet for most families.

If you are thinking about welcoming a greyhound into your life, please join the GAP team on 25 November for the opportunity to meet some greyhounds and ask an animal behaviorist all your greyhound questions.

The free evening will include a training masterclass, dog interaction session and trade training demonstration. You can even adopt your forever friend on the spot.

Cheryl Isaacs, greyhound owner and foster carer, speaks from experience when saying greyhounds are the best breed.

“In the 90s I met my first greyhound and now I cannot imagine sharing my home with another breed of dog,” Cheryl said.

“In 2004 we began fostering for Greyhounds as Pets and many amazing greyhounds have brightened our life.”

Registration to attend is essential and paperwork must be completed beforehand to take a greyhound home for fostering or adoption.

Event details

25 November 2022

4pm – 7pm

GAP facility, Southern River

Registration essential. Contact to register