New landing pad for racing greyhounds

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A deluxe, purpose-built rehoming centre for greyhounds is planned for a large property newly secured in Southern River.

Racing and Wagering Western Australia has purchased a site of almost 10,000m2 on Matison Street, which is planned as the new headquarters for Greyhounds as Pets.

Head of Animal Welfare Dr Anna Smet described the project as like creating a high-class retreat where greyhounds will check in on their retirement from racing and prepare for life as pets with various homes and families.

“The new property has the space to bring all our Greyhounds as Pets operations together in a top-quality adoption centre,” Anna said.

“We are developing a comprehensive establishment that will focus on the welfare of the greyhounds in our care and supporting their adoption transition as well as offering a great experience for adopters, staff and our volunteers and partners.

“There will be space for 100 dogs, a well-organised work environment for staff and welcoming areas for people to meet and greet dogs that are ready for adoption.

“The adoption centre will be custom designed to suit the long-term needs of Greyhounds as Pets.”

In the meantime, Greyhounds as Pets will continue to operate from its current, leased headquarters in Southern River.

Investment last year in a second site nearby boosted immediate capacity to take in and rehome greyhounds during the development of the new facility. It is expected to be up and running in 2025.

Greyhounds as Pets is WA’s largest greyhound adoption program. It rehomes around 350 dogs each year, which is about half the greyhounds retiring from racing annually. Others are retired for breeding, to other greyhound homing organisations or to trainers and connections as pets.

“We take the time and care to match greyhounds with homes that suit them after they retire from racing,” Anna said.

“Our dedicated animal behaviourists use their expertise in canine behaviour to help greyhounds adjust from life in racing to life as a pet. Each greyhound has a tailored plan to suit their individual needs.

“We look forward to moving into bespoke premises which will give us greater flexibility to manage varying numbers of dogs and ensure we are well equipped to take on responsibility for greyhounds retiring from racing.”