Off the Track WA Estate celebrates two years


The Off the Track WA Estate is celebrating two years as a racehorse retraining, rehoming and multi-purpose welfare facility.

The 100-acre estate in North Dandalup has capacity for up to 40 horses at a time as well as hosting events as part of its purpose in supporting off-the-track horses as they move on to new homes and develop new skills and partnerships.

Thoroughbreds and standardbreds continue to prove their adaptability as they move through the Off the Track program to a range of equestrian and pleasure pursuits. Some have flourished in dressage, show jumping and eventing while others have become therapy horses.

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Among them is Major Survivor, who joined Riding for the Disabled’s Carine group, where Head Coach Sarah Lamb said: “Major is the most amazing horse I’ve ever met. Although most of our other horses are over 20 years, Major came to us as a smart and playful six-year-old who just wants to please.”

Since opening during the pandemic year, in September 2020, the estate has seen some changes including extra shelters, new yards and a range of upgrades which form part of an ongoing maintenance and improvement program.

Further details about the OTTWA Estate and how to apply for the OTTWA Retraining Program can be found at Off The Track WA.