Cheers for volunteers at Greyhounds as Pets

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On International Volunteer Day, Racing and Wagering Western Australia celebrate the immense value and joy volunteers bring to the greyhound rehoming program.

Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) volunteers Vicky, Graham and Roz explain why they consistently give their precious time to support greyhounds as they prepare for adoption.

Vicky loves to spend at least one day per week with the dogs.

“I have a greyhound named Carly and two kids, so my home is pretty busy,” she said.

“I have always been attracted to greyhounds and their gentle nature, so I still want to help look after them in some way. That’s why I volunteer.

“To be honest, when I’m away from GAP, I miss them.”

Volunteers like Vicky are important to the enrichment of the greyhounds’ daily lives. Together, they exercise, socialise and learn.

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Graham has loved greyhounds for many years and enjoys discovering the personality of each dog.

“I just love their individual character and I enjoy being around them. My wife won’t allow another greyhound at home, so I come down to GAP and give a bit back to the dogs here,” he laughed.

“We usually walk with two dogs so they can socialise and some dogs prefer that aspect over exercising.

“I wouldn’t have another dog breed, I just love greyhounds.”

There is a feeling of affection and trust that comes with greyhounds that is sometimes hard to find in humans. At least, this is Roz’s point of view.

Roz made a promise to herself 15 years ago, that once she found the time, she would return to volunteering.

“I have been volunteering at GAP for 18 months now and, to put it simply, I just need my puppy fix,” she said.

“They’re delightful and friendly, and they just want human interaction.

“As a volunteer, I make sure the dogs have lots of affection, love and walks. It is great to see the new ones come out of their shell over the weeks.”

When asked what she enjoys most about volunteering at GAP, Roz had the perfect answer.

“People are lovely, but dogs are better.”